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This is where you can find all sorts of news, pictures and information about the Radcliffe Family.

If you have come here by chance and do not recognise the names then it probably won't be of much interest.

February 2006 - New section called Trips for Family holidays and Skiing.

Main Sections

News 2008

The Christmas News for 2008

News 2004

 The Chrismas News for 2004


Picture of walks in the mountains by Chris

Haute Route 2003 Trek / Mt Blanc 2004

Microwave happenings...

Social Events - Microwave related .....

Barton Open Gardens July 2002

This was a fundraising event for the Church Roof

Mr Radcliffe's Preserves

Notes on Homemade Preserves; Marmalades Jams and Chutneys.

Barton Colts Page

James's football is under Barton Colts.

I haven't bothered tracking the 2004/05 season but the results from most of the two previous years are still here

Trips Family Holiday trips and Skiing now live here


'General' leads to family pictures and is password protected.

Contact me for a password

James's Pages

James is learning the art of web page design and now has his own (password protected) pages.


We are taking bookings for our Cornish Cottage and the site now has updated photographs.


The Hichhiker's Guide has moved.

As well as a way of disseminating information it's also a way of learning web site design, so let me know if something isn't working. As you can see this page has changed to use tables. I'm resisting frames at the moment!

You may notice that Treks, Microwave and HHGG has moved to a new server. Let me know if there are any problems.

Hoping to get the Mount Blanc trip on soon.

Bruce's pics put on January 06


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