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Watching at home was the first source of information, although bottling the fruit using Kilner jars was much more exciting. However putting the saucer out on the back step and waiting for it to set could be fairly nerve racking.

The primary reference [1] is one my mother used during the war. Its a gold mine if you can still get it.

[1] Domestic Preservation of Fruit and Vegetables Bulletin No 21
Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food
HMSO Eleventh Edition 1966 First Published 1927
I have used this for most of the jams since about 2000 and the Three Fruit Marmalade. The Tomato Chutneys are based on recipes here but also owe something to Delia and Jack Santa Maria.

[2] Practical Cookery for All
Odhams Books Ltd London
A Mrs Beeton of the 60s. From Pat. Used for Marmalade and earlier jams.

[3] Delia Smith's Cookery Course Part 3
BBC Books 1981
See Preserving p 697. Used for Plum Chutney and ideas for Tomato Chutneys.

[4] Indian Vegetarian Cookery
Jack Santa Maria
Rider London 1973 Seventh Impression 1984
Excellent Chutneys

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