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I have been growing tomatoes for a long time. Prior to having a greenhouse there were always plenty of green tomatoes at the end of the season, hence Green Tomato Chutney was the first chutney made. The earliest records I have are from 1984. At this stage I was living in Luton, doing some Indian cookery and had easy access to all the Indian spices so it was a heavily spiced affair. I think it was a mixture of Bulletin 21 [1], Delia [3] and Jack Santa Maria [4]. Here is the actual recipe. I find I can use much less vinegar than the recipes suggest.

Between 1990 and 1992 Delia's [3] recipe with some variations was used, but a return to the spicier version can be seen in the late 90's. I've put this in the recommended recipes page.
After moving to Barton in 1997 we found we had wild plums in the garden.
After using them for jam for a couple of years, in 1999 we tried Spiced Plum Chutney, again modified from Delia.[3] This was excellent when quite young (about one year old) but has solidified and lost some of its flavour over the years.


Perhaps its Global Warming but we didn't have any green tomatoes this year. However there were far too many cherry tomatoes (Gardeners Delight) in mid season and so a batch of red tomato chutney was made. I'm not sure where the recipe came from, (it looks similar to the green tomato recipe), but it was good.


Red Tomato Chutney

About 10lbs of Gardeners Delight We had a surplus of Gardeners Delight again this year and made some Red Tomato Chutney in mid September. The recipe was the same as last year but a much bigger batch. The pan was almost full and I had to boil it for a long time (7 hours!) and it caught slightly. The volume was halved and it came out very dark but still gave 10½ jars. I've put the recipe on a new page of recommended recipes.

Red Tomato Chutney near  the boilJars of Red Tomato Chutney

Click on the pictures to get a bigger version

Spiced Plum Chutney

We had a lot of wild plums by the green shed this year (but hardly any on the trees near the house) so I made some more Plum Chutney. I've put the recipe on the recommended page.

This was a big batch with 5lb of plums and came out very well.

Spiced Plum before boiling Batch of Spiced Plum Chutney



Red Tomato Chutney

The tomatoes were running riot by mid September so I made a batch to the usual recipe with 8lb of mixed Gardener's Delight and Shirley. Tried to use the mincer for the first time but it produced a lot watery slurry from the tomatoes so I gave up.

Boiled for a long time, about 5 hours, (probably too long) and only produced 10 jars. Looks and tastes good though.

Apple Chutney

We had lots of windfalls this year so I tried Ruth's recipe for Apple Chutney. It is easy to make because you don't boil for ever and hope its not burning on the bottom. Instead, after an initial boil to stew the apples, it's left for a couple of days, or in my case nearly a week, before bottling.

However when I tried it some didn't fall, (because the apples were a mixture of windfalls, mostly James Grieve) leaving large lumps of apple in the chutney. There is also a lot of garlic in the recipe; I slice it thinly rather than crush it and the white slices are still visible. I may boil it with the apples next time. However it's become a great favourite.

Green and Red Tomato Chutney (with more Apple)

After cleaning out the greenhouse right at the end of October I had 4½ lbs of green and red tomatoes for chutney. The recipe calls for 6lbs so, after the success of the Apple chutney, I made up the deficit with James Grieve apples.

In order to minimise the likely hood of premature senility, brought on by the aluminium from normal preserving pans, I had bought a stainless steel pan, with quite a thick bottom. This was its first outing and it was a bit disappointing to find it was just as easy to burn on the bottom as the aluminium pans. The remainder of the cooking was on very low heat and the result was 13 jars of very dark (and probably overcooked) chutney.


Red Tomato Chutney

This year it was early September for the first 6lb batch of red tomato chutney. Boiled for ages, about 4 hours in the evening and another couple of hours the next morning. Seven jars of a rich dark brown chutney.

Apple Chutney

Used the bramley widfalls to make another batch of this well liked chutney. No shallots just garlic. Some apples were not ripe so the mixture was rather overboiled and came out very brown. Seven big jars.




Red Tomato Chutney

The tomatoes were late this year. By end of September they were overwhelming the greeenhouse. Picked about 16lb and with 12lb of them made two batches of Red Tomato Chutney. Total yield 16 jars.

Apple Chutney 1 October.

The Genedier apples were very small again this year and had all fallen off by the end of September so I used them to make a batch of Apple chutney (5lb of apples). The apples smelled wonderful. The chutney turned out dark and produced 15 1/2 jars, more than expected.



Red Tomato Chutney 13 Sept

Not so many tomatoes this year as a result of blight. Made a batch of red tomato chutney but with only 3.9lb of GD tomatoes and 3lb of apples instead of 6 and 2. Made only 8 and half jars but it was soaked for 2 days before boilng and then simmered for a long time.

Apple Chutney 1-18 Nov

Huge crop of bramleys but many small. Made apple chutney with the second crop of windfalls. Usual recipe. No mustard seeds. Left for a week. 10 jars.

2011. Red Tomato Chutney. 25th September.

Surplus red toms, mostly small ones.

Usual recipe with 2 oz root ginger.

Cooked on new hob and managed to avoid most of burning.

Looks and tastes good but only 9 jars.

2012 Red and Green Tomato Chutney 11th September

Mixture of tomatoes. Used the red tomato recipe with extra vineger. Did not have any root ginger or chillis so used a lot of ground ginger. Boiled very slowly and avoided burning. 10 jars.

2014 Apple Chtney - with chilli -1 November

A double batch of apple chutney to the usual recipe plus a teaspoonful of dried chills. Tasty! Used the yellow grenadier apples this time. Juicy so a bit runny. 9.5 jars

2015 Red and Green Tomato Chutney - 5th November

A small batch of chutney using up the last of the tomatoes. Nearly 5 jars

2016 Apple Chutney ??

2017 Gooseberry Chutney Lots of gooseberries this year. Having made a lot of jam decided to try a chutney. Found several recipies, used this one.

There was a lot of liquid. Had to boil it for two hours before it was ready to bottle. Used Kilner jars. Tasted rather sharp. Hope it matures. Later note - no its doesn't seem to have matured!

2017 Red Tomatoe Chutney

Found a batch in the cupboard so I must have made some in 2017!

2018 Red Tomato Chutney

28th November Cleared out the greenhouse because the tomato plants were dying. 5.4Lbs of mixed red and green tomatoes. Had to buy some apples otherwise normal recipe and procedure.

11 jars. Tasted rather hot.

2019 - what no chutney?

2020 - Rhubarb Chutney - recipe from Rosy

1kg of rhubarb as recipe. Was rather runny and had to boil for a long time to get a decent consistency. Only made 4 jars. Tasted ok.

20th September - Apple Chutney

A Batch to the usual recipe. 8 jars of rather pale chutney. Tastes good.

16th October -Red and Green Tomato Chutney

Cleared out the greenhouse and made a full batch. No chillies to hand, used chilli powder instead. Nine jars of good looking chutney.

2022 17th September

A surplus of red tomatoes prompted a batch of chutney, the first for 2 years. In the event I used 4lbs of red and 2lbs of green to the usual recipe. Perhaps boiled a little too long and came out with nine and a bit jars rather than the expected twelve. A very fine looking and tasting chutney.




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